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Enchants are different bonuses or penalties that character can gain by eating food, equipping enchanted items, or using skills in battle (temporarily). Enchants can be checked by pressing Enchant button on Party customization screen. Similar echants are combined to privide cummulative effect. For example, 3xPoison resist enchants (40% resist to Poison) provide 120% resistance, that is immunity to Poison. There are 4 types of enchants and they are displayed in different colors on Enchants screen - Offensive (Red), Defensive (Green), Status protection (Blue), Special (Black). Some items have default enchants, that are displayed to the right of the item info screen. Also items can be enchanted with Demon Stones in Laboratory, effect of DS depends on category of item - Attack, Defense, Support.

Offensive enchants (Red)Edit

Name Name (English) Effect Demon Stone
斬撃 Slashing Slash: Damage+5% 牙 (Fang, Atk)
貫通 Penetration Pierce: Damage+5% 角 (Horn, Atk)
打撃 Shock Bash: Damage+5% 鱗 (Scale, Atk)
火炎 Flame Fire: Damage+5% 炎 (Fire, Atk)
大地 Earth Earth: Damage+5% 地 (Earth, Atk)
疾風 Gale Wind: Damage+5% 風 (Wind, Atk)
雷鳴 Thunder Thunder: Damage+5% 雷 (Thunder, Atk)
流水 Running water Water: Damage+5% 氷 (Ice, Atk)
光明 Brightness Light: Damage+5% 光 (Light, Atk)
宵闇 Twilight Dark: Damage+5% 闇 (Dark, Atk)
??? ??? Dragon: Damage+5% 竜 (Dragon, Atk)

Defensive enchants (Green)Edit

Name Name (English) Effect Demon Stone
耐斬 Slash resistance Slash: Damage resistance+5% 牙 (Fang, Def)
耐貫 Pierce resistance Pierce: Damage resistance+5% 角 (Horn, Def)
耐打 Bash resistance Bash: Damage resistance+5% 鱗 (Scale, Def)
??? Fire resistance Fire: Damage resistance+5% 炎 (Fire, Def)
??? Earth resistance Earth: Damage resistance+5% 地 (Earth, Def)
耐風 Wind resistance Wind: Damage resistance+5% 風 (Wind, Def)
??? Thunder resistance Thunder: Damage resistance+5% 雷 (Thunder, Def)
耐水 Water resistance Water: Damage resistance+5% 氷 (Ice, Def)
耐光 Light resistance Light: Damage resistance+5% 光 (Light, Def)
耐闇 Dark resistance Dark: Damage resistance+5% 闇 (Dark, Def)
??? Pierce resistance Dragon: Damage resistance+5% 竜 (Dragon, Def)

Status protection enchants (Blue)Edit

Name Name (English) Effect Affected Statuses Demon Stone Resistance symbol
対眠 Anti-sleep 眠り無効化 +40% Sleep 牙 (Fang, Sup)


戒め無効化 +40% ??? 角 (Horn, Sup)
対乱 Anti-control 混乱・魅了無効化 +40% Confusion, Charm 鱗 (Scale, Sup)
対燃 Anti-burning 燃焼無効化+40% Burning 炎 (Flame, Sup)
対毒 Anti-poison 毒気無効化 +40% Poison 地 (Earth, Sup)
対黙 Anti-silence 沈黙無効化 +40% Silence 風 (Wind, Sup)
対絶 Anti-??? 気絶・麻痺無効化+40% Faint, Paralysis 雷 (Thunder, Sup)
対凍 Anti-freeze 凍結無効化 +40% Frozen 氷 (Ice, Sup)
対眩 Anti-glare 眩惑・弱体無効化 +40% Daze, Weakness 光 (Light, Sup) 眩, 弱
対死 Anti-death 即死・呪い無効化 +40% Death, Curse 闇 (Dark, Sup) 呪, 死
対恐 Anti-fear 恐怖無効化+40% Fear 竜 (Dragon, Sup)

Special enchants (Black)Edit

Name Name (English) Effect Effect (English) Demon stone
金運 Economic fortune 資金・スコア獲得 +4% Gold and Score gain increased by 4%
研磨 Polishing ダメージ限界上昇 +10% Damage limit increased by 10% 鋼 (Steel, Any)
命脈 Life 戦闘中HP自動回復 +1% HP recovery during battle +1% per round
無尽 ??? 戦闘中MP自動回復 +0.5% MP recovery during battle +0,5% per round
不運 Misfortune アイテム獲得 -2% Item gain decreased by 2%
幸運 Good luck アイテム獲得率 +2% Item gain rate increased by 2% 虹 (Rainbow, Any)
宝飾 Jewelry 豪華な装飾 1個 Gorgeous decoration +1 宝 (Treasure, Any)
武運 War fortune 味方EXP獲得 +2% Experience gain +2% 銀 (Silver, Any)