Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~
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Top menuEdit

Top menu is displayed on most screens except battle, it allows basic options like checking status of a party, equipping items, customizing skills, etc.

Status - allows you to check party parameters, change order of members

Equipment - equip or remove armor, weapons and accessories to customize your characters for current needs

Customize skills - learn, upgrade and set up skills to use in battle, and upgrade main stats

Battle pouch - prepare several items to be used in battle

Item bag - check your party inventory, can use some items to gain benefits

Town menuEdit

Quest counter - view a list of available quests, can take new ones. Check Quest page for more information.

Shop - buy or sell items. Items that are being sold can be improved with completing some quests and advancing Fighter Guild Rank.

Laboratory - has a lot of options for upgrading your equipment. Insert magic stones, add slots, strengthen, etc.

Guild room - advance your guild ranks or gain access to Guild warehouse that can hold a lot of items and Saving box that can hold your money in case you fear of dying while on a quest

Kitchen (unlocked after completing a certain quest) - create food to use during exploration. New recipes are unlocked when you create more food

Rest - spend time till the next Time period

Battle menuEdit

Flee - characters try to flee from enemies. Chance of success depends on Rogue Guild Rank.

Info - information about current enemy. Amount of information about enemy weeknesses depends on Magician Guild Rank.

Config - access to different gameplay settings.

Autobattle - characters automatically attack enemies.

Extra menu (displayed with red color on some screens)Edit

Use skills - use some skills that can be used while in exploration mode, mostly Healing skills.

Config - access to different gameplay settings.

Tutorial - access to tutorial about different aspects of the game.