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Generic units in this game are gained through breeding. You need to gather enough seeds and can use 1 to 4 of them to create a single monster. You can gain new seeds by killing enemy squads. If you kill enemy in a "Room of magical circle", you gain 1 extra seed. Additional seeds can be got at the end of each chapter. The amount you get depends on your score. Some types of seeds will become available only later in the game as you progress in story. Depending on which seeds you use and what is the order of them monsters of different races can be created.

When you just start playing only a small number of recipes will be unlocked. More can be gained by raising girl's Servitude or Suffering stats to higher level. Also it is possible to experiment and unlock recipes by trying different combinations. If you create new monster and reload recipe will remain in a list. It is possible to create only one monster of each race, this can be checked on monster picture, if it is a new one "New" will be displayed. If you already have such monster, it will be replace with just the one that was just born.

To make created unit stronger you need to select mother who is the most compatible with this unit and use right time to create it. Although units can be of any element, they all have their default one, which will come more ofter when you click Retry key. If this element suits the current moon element, it will be easier to create stronger unit. This is shown by shining/smiley/normal/sad/depressed face on unit screen.

Compatibility penalty
Atk Def Spd Mor MP Cost
Best Best - - - - 100%
Good Good -2 -2 -2 -1 120%
Normal Normal -4 -4 -4 -1 150%
Bad Bad -8 -8 -8 -2 200%
Worst Worst -12 -12 -12 -3 300%
Demon Humanoid Familiar Beast Ghost Undead Power Power 2 Power 3
Amoeba Liquid Solid Gas Dragon Homunculus Energy Energy 2 Energy 3


1st pageEdit

Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
Goblin Humanoid - - (Lizardman) Beast Dragon -
Cobold Hunter Beast - - Liquid Dragon -
Familiar Beast - Humanoid Dragon -
Familiar Solid - Solid Dragon -
Orc Guard Humanoid Power - Sahagin Amoeba - -
Humanoid Power 2 - Liquid - -
Humanoid Power 3 - Tentacles Amoeba Solid -
Beast Amoeba - Liquid Beast Power 3
Beast Liquid - Scylla Amoeba Liquid -
Gurodo Beast Humanoid - Liquid Humanoid Power 3
Humanoid Beast - Lamia Amoeba Humanoid Demon
Humanoid Solid - Liquid Beast Humanoid
Minotauros Beast Power - Liquid Humanoid Beast
Beast Power 2 - Mermaid Liquid Humanoid -
Beast Power 3 - Liquid Amoeba Power 2
Solid Power - Arachna Amoeba Demon Humanoid
Solid Power 2 - Amoeba Homunculus Power 2
Solid Power 3 - Amoeba Homunculus Power 3
Solid Humanoid - Death Frog Amoeba Beast -
Solid Beast - Liquid Amoeba -
Lizardman Dragon - - Cocatrice Beast Familiar Gas
Liquid Power - Beast Homunculus Familiar
Liquid Power 2 - Manticore Beast Demon Familiar
Liquid Power 3 - Beast Homunculus Demon
Familiar Dragon -


Beast Dragon Gas

2nd pageEdit

Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
(Basilisk) Beast Dragon Liquid Matango Lady Familiar - -
Cerberos Beast Homunculus Energy Homunculus - -
Homunculus Demon Dragon Alraune Familiar Homunculus -
Harpy Humanoid Familiar - Familiar Humanoid Amoeba
Humanoid Gas - Driad Homunculus Power 3 -
Demon Beast - Familiar Amoeba Gas
Beast Solid - Imp Demon - -
Crow Angel Humanoid Gas Familiar Beast Demon -
Humanoid Familiar Energy Humanoid Demon -
Frost Woman Humanoid Solid Liquid Solid Demon -
Humanoid Homunculus Power Familiar Beast Power
Humanoid Homunculus Power 2 Familiar Beast Power 2
Humanoid Homunculus Power 3 Familiar Beast Power 3
Ponpoko Ninja Humanoid Gas Beast Devil Demon Power 2 -
Humanoid Familiar Gas Demon Power 3 -
Fox Miko Humanoid Beast Power 3 Baron Demon Humanoid Ghost
Humanoid Familiar Beast Demon Demon Energy
Beast Girl Solid Ghost Energy Asmodeus Demon Dragon Energy 2
Solid Energy Humanoid Demon Solid Energy 3
Big Oni Solid Beast Power 3 Demon Raider Demon Solid -
Solid Energy Beast Demon Humanoid -
Cyclops Solid Demon Power 3 Demon Knight Demon Humanoid Energy
Solid Energy Power 3 Demon Solid Energy
Unicorn Beast Familiar - Astrati Demon Energy 2 Dragon
Familiar Energy - Demon Humanoid Energy 3

3rd pageEdit

Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
Skeleton Undead - - (Ghost) Amoeba Ghost -
Solid - - Liquid Ghost -
Beast Undead - Homunculus Ghost -
Familiar Undead - Solid Ghost -
Dragon Undead - Dark Stalker Ghost Gas -
Humanoid Undead - Undead Gas Power
Demon Undead - Spirit Ghost Undead Energy
Ghost Undead - Ghost Homunculus Gas
Amoeba Undead - Chaos Sword Undead Solid Power 3
Liquid Undead - Solid Ghost Humanoid
Homunculus Undead - Nosferatu Undead Energy 2 Homunculus
Solid Undead - Undead Energy 2 Gas
Ghoul Undead Power - Shinigami Ghost Energy 2 Demon
Undead Power 2 - Ghost Energy 2 Gas
Undead Power 3 - Gargoyle Homunculus Solid -
Solid Amoeba Humanoid Amoeba Demon -
Ghost Ghost - - Solid Demon Amoeba
Gas Energy - Man Eater Homunculus Solid Ghost
Familiar Ghost - Homunculus Gas Energy
Beast Ghost - Mimic Homunculus Amoeba Energy 3
Dragon Ghost - Homunculus Liquid Energy 3
Humanoid Ghost - Slime Lady Homunculus Liquid Amoeba
Undead Ghost - Amoeba Liquid Energy 2
Undead Gas - Sea Serpent Dragon Beast -
Demon Ghost - Dragon Amoeba -

4th pageEdit

Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
(Sea Serpent) Dragon Liquid -
Beast Liquid Solid
Magma Serpent Dragon Beast Energy
Dragon Gas Homunculus
Gust Serpent Dragon Amoeba Energy 3
Dragon Gas Energy 3
Dragon Puppy Dragon Solid -
Dragon Humanoid -
Dragon Power 1 -
Dragon Power 2 -
Dragon Power 3 -
Dragobaloon Dragon Gas -
Dragon Familiar Power 3
Fire Dragon Dragon Dragon Energy
Aqua Dragon Dragon Liquid Energy 2
Storm Dragon Dragon Gas Energy 2
Earth Dragon Dragon Solid Energy 2
Dark Dragon Dragon Demon Energy 2
Silver Dragon Dragon Ghost Energy 3
Gold Dragon Dragon Homunculus Energy 3

Advanced breedingEdit

You can slightly randomize the creature you are trying to produce by pressing the Retry key. It can get 1 to 2 new skills, change stats, change element and gain new specials (bonus agains enemies of certain attribute). This effect reflects in creature's title (it is displayed above it's name). Title consists of one or two parts, first part often shows changes in element and special, while second - reflects new skills (there are some exceptions). Some of the title parts are:

First part Effect Second part Effect
雪原の +火 荒っぽい 必殺増加 /Critical hit (10)
撃墜の +飛 荒い 必殺増加 /Critical hit (20)
聖なる +魔 才能 エリート /Elite
鋼の +器 騎士の 行動増加 /Action increase (1)
風の Wind 不屈の 自己治癒 /Regeneration (8)
大地の Earth ラッキー トレハン /Treasure Hunter (4)
暗黒の Dark 銀細工の 撃破金運 /Looter (3)
解毒の 解毒治療 /Poison treatment 魔道士の 魔術放射 /Magic attack (3)
扱い易い 師団指揮 /Tactician (1) 収集家の トレハン /Treasure Hunter (2)
残存の 自己治癒 /Regeneration (4)
回復の 全体治癒 /Mass healing (1)
散癒しの 全体治癒 /Mass healing (2)

Even better parts become available if you add extra seeds after recipe (works up to two extra seeds).

One extra seed unlocks:

First part Effect Second part Effect
操り人形の 師団指揮 /Tactician (2) 救援者の 全体治癒 /Mass healing (3)
愛の 異常耐性 /Abnormal tollerance 再生の 自己治癒 /Regeneration (12)
大魔道士 魔術放射 /Magic attack (5)
金持ちの 撃破金運 /Looter (4)
怒りの 必殺増加 /Critical hit (40)
海賊の トレハン /Treasure Hunter (6)
狙撃の 遠隔攻撃 /Long range attack
古代の 特攻防御 /Special attack defense
マッハの 追加攻撃 /Additional attack (1)
復讐の 反撃倍加 /Counter strike (1)

Two extra seeds unlock:

First part Effect Second part Effect
機械仕掛けの 師団指揮 /Tactician (3) 神速の 追加攻撃 /Additional attack (2)
必中の 必殺増加 /Critical hit (60)
進撃の 行動増加 /Action increase (2)
ブチギレ 反撃倍加 /Counter strike (2)
錬金術師 撃破金運 /Looter (5)
不滅の 自己治癒 /Regeneration (16)
超魔道士の 魔術放射 /Magic attack (7)
天に愛された トレハン /Treasure Hunter (8)
救世の 全体治癒 /Mass healing (5)