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Unit typesEdit

There are five unit types in the game:

Blade (Sword Type Units)Edit

Units are your common strike force. They often have such skills as additional attack, critical strike or parrying. They are strong against crusher type units, but weak against lancers. Think twice before putting one directly behind the squad's guard: it'll be hit by a lot of lancer penetration attacks and take 50% extra damage from them.

Type Pow Def Spd Mor Cost Eff
Blade *** (3) *** (3) *** (3) *** (3) ***** (5)

Lancer (Spear Type Units)Edit

Units of lancer type often have skills that attack several enemies at once, like Penetration strike or Sector attack. They are stronger than blade type units, but shooters can dispose of lancers easily.

Type Pow Def Spd Mor Cost Eff
Lancer **** (4) **** (4) *** (3) *** (3) * (1)

Shooter (Bow/Ranged Type Units)Edit

Most shooter type units can attack any enemy unit on the field bypassing enemy guards. Most of them have skill Long range attack and a some of them have different support skills. They are very fast but have low attack and defense, so it is better to put them in the back row, protected by some guards. They are strong against lancers, but weak against guard type units.

Type Pow Def Spd Mor Cost Eff
Shooter ** (2) * (1) ***** (5) *** (3) **** (4)

Guard (Shield Type Units)Edit

Guards are tough defensive units. Their main feature is their ability to protect other units in the front row. (This is actually a function of the Defense Formation skill, but all guards have it). To do that they should be before the unit they are trying to protect (order goes from top left corner down, and for enemy squad from top right corner). If they are still alive and enemy does not have such skills as Flank attack, Long range attack, Penetration strike or Sector attack, they will become the target of the enemy attack. They often have such skills as Defense formation, Penetration invalidity and Sector attack invalidity. They have very high defense, but low attack power. Guards are strong against shooter type units, but weak against crushers.

Type Pow Def Spd Mor Cost Eff
Guard * (1) ***** (5) ** (2) *** (3) *** (3)

Crusher (Blunt Type Units)Edit

Crusher type units have the most attack power among all unit types but they are also the slowest. They often have supporting skills that lower enemy stats or mass attack skills, that deal damage to all enemies at the end of the turn. They are strong against guard type units, but weak against blades.

Type Pow Def Spd Mor Cost Eff
Crusher ***** (5) ** (2) * (1) **** (4) ** (2)

Each unit is effective and weak against one specific type listed below.

Blade < Lancer < Shooter < Guard < Crusher < Blade

ie. Blade is Good against Crusher and Weak against Lancer, Lancer is Good against Blade and Weak against Shooter. etc. Bonus is applied as making an automatic Critical hit, that increases damage by 50% and passes through Parry skill.