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Demon side (protagonist army)Edit

Loki Muspelheim (ロキ=ムスペルヘイム)Edit

Protagonist of the game. With his three sisters and older brother (they have different parents, but same grandfather) enters the battle for succession for Demon king throne. Angered by execution of his father Farba (ファルバ) and mother Sinmara (シンモラ) who were falsely accused with treason, he desires revenge for his grandfather Demon King Surt (魔王スルト). Although he does not have as much resources as his opponents, he has cunning and a pair of tricks up his sleeve. Uses polearm Andvara (魔を呼ぶアンドヴァラ).

Fena (フェーナ)Edit

One of Loki companions who stayed with him when his parents were executed. Uses magic umbrella Vanaheimr (魔傘ヴァナヘイム) as weapon that grants her some protection abilities. Has older sister Menia (メニア) who works as secretary to Demon King Surt.

Garm (ガルム)Edit

One of Loki companions. Experienced sniper of Garodo (wolfmen) race.

Demon side (opponents army)Edit

Demon King Surt (魔王スルト)Edit

Current Demon King. Already very old and ill. Decided to start a trial to choose his successor - ordered his grandchildren to attack Yggdrasil continent protected by goddesses and bring him Heart of Yggdrasil.

Hel (ヘル)Edit

First and the oldest of three sisters that participate in trial.

Fenrir (フェンリル)Edit

Second of three sisters that participate in trial.

Yorm (Jörm) (ヨルム)Edit

Third and the youngest of three sisters that participate in trial.

Ymir (イミル)Edit

Protagonist's older brother. Sometimes helps his younger brother.

Goddesses sideEdit

Absolute goddess of sky Odin (天空の絶対神オーディン)Edit

Leader of goddesses, protects central part of Yggdrasil continent

Battle goddess of spring breeze Tyrca (春風の戦女神ティルカ)Edit

Wind goddess, protects southeast part of Yggdrasil continent. Attacks Loki's flying ship and almost crush it, but allows Loki to land and settle in Eda city (エッダ) after he cheats her that he betrayed demons. Uses Blade of Nibelungen (ニーベルングの刃).

Thunder goddess of blue sky Thor (蒼穹の雷神トール)Edit

Thunder goddess. Protects southwest part of Yggdrasil continent.

Fertility goddess of autumn Freya (秋月の豊穣神フレイヤ)Edit

Protects northwest part of Yggdrasil continent.

Protection goddess of snow cloud Rigret (凍雲の守護神リグレット)Edit

Ice goddess. Protects northeast part of Yggdrasil continent.

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