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Goddess Attainable SkillsEdit

Upon reaching 99 points in friendship (親交) as well as a love of 3 with a goddess before you corrupt them will give them 6 set of skills that can be chosen when the event at 99 points in friendship (親交) has been intiated. You can only change the set of skills once you meet the condition, so you can overwrite it when you do another Story Mode play through.

For more detailed skill descriptions, refer to the skills section of the wiki. However some race/element skills are mentioned in that table under a combined header with xx in front of them (example xx special attack). Use the parts in Italic to find them easily.

Absolute goddess of sky Odin (天空の絶対神オーディン)Edit

Name of the Skill

Skill 1 Skill 1 (English) Skill 2 Skill 2 (English)
絶対なる正義 自己治癒[14] Regeneration[14] 大神術陣[7] Mass Holy[7]
栄光の導き手 師団指揮[8] Divison Command[8] 魔族特攻[1] Demon Special Attack[1]
迅速なる連携 速度陣形[10] Speed Formation[10] 速度弱体[10] Speed Weakening[10]
神力の担い手 神族特攻[1] Holy Special Attack[1] 神族活性[10] Holy Activity[10]
太陽の殲滅砲撃 太陽信仰[25] Sun Believer[25] 攻撃陣形[18] Attack Formation[18]
すごい料理 行動増加[1] Action Increase[1] 全体治癒[4] Mass recovery[4]

Battle goddess of spring breeze Tirka (春風の戦女神ティルカ)Edit

Name of the Skill Skill 1 Skill 1 (English) Skill 2 Skill 2 (English)
守護者の力 前進防御 Forward Defense パリング[15] Block[15]
悪を断つ刃 必殺増加[35] Critical Hit 魔族特攻[1] Demon Special Attack[1]
疾風連撃 飛行特攻[1] Flying Special Attack[1] 追加攻撃[1] Additional Attack[1]
商業神の力 トレハン[12] Treasure Hunter[12] 撃破金運[5] Battle Miner[5]
くじけぬ気高き心 異常耐性 Abnormal Tolerance 師団指揮[8] Division Command[8]
騎士を癒す慈愛 全体治癒[6] Mass Recovery[6] 絶対治療 Abnormal Treatment

Thunder goddess of blue sky Tor (蒼穹の雷神トール)Edit

Name of the Skill Skill 1 Skill 1 (English) Skill 2 Skill 2 (English)
剛雷の闘気 大雷撃陣[6] Mass Thunder[6] 雷霊活性[12] Thunder Activity[12]
必殺の一投 必殺増加[12] Critical Hit[12] 遠隔攻撃 Ranged Attack
攻撃的指揮官 攻撃陣形[24] Attack Formation[24] 速度陣形[16] Speed Formation[16]
神魔覆滅 魔族特攻[1] Demon Special Attack[1] 神族特攻[1] Holy Special Attack[1]
戦術砲台 士気陣形[12] Morale Formation[12] 戦術補助 Strategy Assistance
鉱山開発 撃破金運[6] Battle Miner[6] 撃破金運[5] Battle Miner[5]

Fertility goddess of autumn Freya (秋月の豊穣神フレイヤ)Edit

Name of the Skill Skill 1 Skill 1 (English) Skill 2 Skill 2 (English)
眩惑の月光 イベイド[40] Evade[40] 奇襲戦法[12] Surprise Attack Strategy[12]
大いなる慈愛 全体治癒[7] Mass recovery[7] 対術結界[25] Anti-Magic Kekkai[25]
魔封じの矢 呪の一撃 Curse Attack 防御削減[7] Defense Reduction[7]
月の眼 奇襲警戒[15] Surprise Attack Prevention[15] 必殺増加[20] Critical Hit[20]
大地の恵み トレハン[12] Treasure Hunter[12] 樹霊活性[12] Tree Activity[12]
フォルクの酒 平等治癒[6] Equal Recovery[6] 士気陣形[12] Morale Formation[12]

Protection goddess of snow cloud Rigretto (凍雲の守護神リグレット)Edit

Name of the Skill Skill 1 Skill 1 (English) Skill 2 Skill 2 (English)
祝福の音色 師団指揮[8] Division Command[8] 行動増加[1] Action Increase[1]
優しき盾 全体治癒[6] Mass Recovery[6] 扇形無効 Sectorial Invalidity
水と氷の加護 水棲活性[12] Aquatic Being Activity[12] 氷霊活性[12] Ice spirit Activity[12]
術式耐性 対術結界[25] Anti-Magic Kekkai[25] 戦術結界[25] Strategy Kekkai[25]
前に進む勇気 前進防御[15] Forward Defense[15] パリング[15] Block[15]
温泉開発 全体治癒[6] Mass recovery[6] 防御陣形[12] Defense Formation[12]