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There are two main routes: Law and Chaos. There is no normal ending in the past games.

Route Requirement
Law Law >= Chaos
Chaos Chaos > Law

If both Chaos/Law rating are > 18, selection will appear after Mission 7-3:

Law: それはお守りのようなものだ

Chaos: 余計なことは考えなくていい

Recommend Path for first playthrough: Law (Difficulty reasons)

Law Route Edit

Each Heroine has their respective endings and require a love rating of at 5+, except Lala which requires 3+ and the Mysterious Girl requires 2+. It also requires all characters except the Mysterious Girl to have a 99 friendship rating as the final friendship event is a prerequisite for the ending. The mysterious girl requires 15 + Torture points as well.

Titi's ending can be unlocked with a combination of Law/Chaos over 45.

This is the chart from the Japanese Wiki:

Ending Type / Ending Name / Ending Selection / Requirement / Character Ending / Gallery (X-Y-Z)

END-a 母帝の御世 ミリア ミリア好感度5以上


Milia エンド 5-4-1
END-b 精霊と舞う夜 ククル ククル好感度5以上


cucule エンド 5-5-3
END-c 孕巫女お披露目 トモエ トモエ好感度5以上


Tomoeエンド 6-1-5
END-d 海辺の幸福 メアリー メアリー好感度5以上


maryエンド 6-2-6
END-e 親愛なる二人 キャルミラ キャルミラ好感度5以上


Kyarumiraエンド 6-3-6
END-f 聖竜の隣で テリア テ-4にて必須選択肢 teria エンド 6-4-2
END-g 悦びに縛られて シグレ シ-17にて必須選択肢 Shigure エンド 6-5-3
END-h はじめての奉仕 ヴァニラ ヴァニラ好感度5以上


Vanillaエンド 6-6-1
END-i 機人狂詩曲 ララ ララ好感度3以上


lara(+ルル)エンド 7-1-6
END-j 夢もうつつも レイン レ-15にて必須選択肢 rain エンド 7-2-5
END-k 愛しき者達 ルクレツィア ルクレツィア好感度5以上


Lucreziaエンド 7-4-2
END-l rebel of destiny ………… 治世値+覇道値が45以上 titiエンド 2-3-1

Chaos RouteEdit

Final Boss (Spoilers)

VenusBlood -GAIA- ディスペア狂5 - ガイアスクイーン

VenusBlood -GAIA- ディスペア狂5 - ガイアスクイーン

Chaos Rating Ending
< 40 Standard Ending
> 40  Utopia Ending

Once every single Ending is ObtainedEdit

An extra scenario will be unlocked as soon as the game completes once it meets the criteria (You can have 1 save file and view all Heroine endings and/or 1 save file to view both Chaos ending and it will register). It will ask the player if they wish to view the scene. Selecting to view the scene will allow you to engage in a consecutive 5 back-to-back battles against the Divine Beasts. Note: Any group that has participated in any one of the battles cannot be used again. No groups remaining results in game over. All bosses will start with max focus and rampart.

Prior to the battle, everything is accessible for one time, except for Breeding and Friendship.

If playing on Hard mode or harder, your units will retain their current HP instead of being healed to full as that is one of the differences in hard mode.

Battle Boss
#1 Quetzalcoatl
#2 Cetus
#3 Belzebuth
#4 Tamano
#5 Behamut

Difficulty wise, Tamano is the hardest, by far. Make sure you save your three best groups for her. She will do area effect seal attack, so make sure you have Estueria (Not Teria/Terrier). 

Ore Drops per boss (Non story Mode). Story mode, every boss drops 1 ore less (Confirmed for Despair Difficulty only).

Difficulty Rank 8 Ore Rank 9 Ore Rank 10 Ore Total
Hard 4 2 0 20 / 10 / 0
Very Hard 7 5 3 35 / 25 / 15
Despair 9 7 5 45 / 35 / 25

Extra Rewards after Final Scenario is cleared.

Despair Difficulty Rank 11 Ore Rank 12 Ore
Berserk 0 2 1
Berserk 1 3 1
Berserk 2 4 1
Berserk 3 5? 1?
Berserk 4 6? 1?
Berserk 5 7? 1?

Video below that shows the fights for the Extra Scenario

Venusblood -GAIA- 神話的茶番 - ディスペア発狂5-0

Venusblood -GAIA- 神話的茶番 - ディスペア発狂5-0