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This section contains massive spoilers. You have been warned.Edit

General NotesEdit

- The setting takes place on Parasutora, which is considered an Island part of the world.

- Parasutora is currently being protected by the Five Divine Beast, also known as the Big Five. 

- Theo, the protagonist of the story, despised that idea of using the protection of the divine beast and would rather live in this world without their protection. 

- He is currently the ruler of the sorcery city: Energeia. People refer to him as the Archduke. He is a genius alchemist that has developed his lifetime researching Ether Technology.

- The Empire, known as the Grand Raid, is the most powerful city in the whole nation. They despise people studying Ether technology. They have been destroying secret Ether labs throughout the Island. Both cities are at war due to the different ideals.

- The Egg breeding process is called the 'Grow Egg Theory'. It requires a woman that must meet a certain requirement (It is not known what it is), and through the use of the Ether technology, it significantly speeds up the birth rate process. 

- Sorcery stones are temporarily power boosters that grants the user enhanced abilities. These stones are made of using Ether that converts into physical energy. Theo invented this technology.

- Lala, a robot created by Theo, contains a heart of machine and blood of Ether (Don't ask how sex works).

- The bottom of the labyrinth is where the Ether Core is. The Ether core is responsible for all the Ether technology.  This is why when those are destroyed, the game is over.

- Theo expressed that he wishes to rule this Island one day. 

- Energeia floating in the air is a result of using Ether Technology. This is called the 'ATLAS project'.

Chapter 1Edit

- The Empire (Grand Raid) has been sending troops to attack Energeia (Mission 1-1). Haman was the leader of the force, but failed miserably. Ash, the general of the Empire forces, was about to kill him due to his failures, but Miria prevented that from happening. Haman was then assigned to be Miria's subordinate even though he never respected her in anyway. 

- When Miria attacked Energeia, she found out Theo was the leader of the city, and was shocked as both of them go way back. As she was about to land the final blow against Theo, she was forced to retreat due to Lala's sudden appearance. (Mission 1-2 and Mission 1-3).

- Miria's followed the Empire as she always wanted to protect other people. However, at the end of Chapter 1, she realized the Empire wasn't the ideals she wished to follow after all, as they were willing to sacrifice the innocent just to destroy Energeia. Currently, Energeia is floating on top of the Disubora Kingdom. The massive long ranged attack by the Empire will destroy both cities at the same time, hence, the sacrificing of Disubora Kingdom. After finding out this was all under the Empress Esuteria’s orders, she decided to side with Theo as she has nowhere to go anymore. But she still wants to find out the answer from the Empress directly.

- Haman was also killed here by Ash, which then his body was used a shield. She referred this as the Haman shield. Theo took his remaining body and gave him life. But his soul and mind is gone forever. He is now known as H-MAN.

- At the very end of the chapter, the main cast gets attacked by a team of unknown flying beast. The mastermind is unknown as this time (We players know), but their speculation here is that these monsters were being attracted due to large amounts of Ether gathered in Energeia. The beast's dead bodies were being studied by Theo.

- Ether is now running low at this time, so they decided to go north to the Deerhelm forest to get ether.

Chapter 2Edit

- Theo met Kukuru and Erumin. Kukuru was skeptical and sensed Theo's evilness, while Erumin was friendly. Theo obtained the information where the beasts (They call it Bagus) were attacking the forest recently.

- Theo decided to visit the nest where the Bagus' are located in the forest (Mission 2-1). They were using the Ether technology to attract them, and by defeating them, they are also sucking the ether out of them. Indirectly, this was also helping the elves as well. 

- The Elf’s messenger met Ash. She guaranteed the Elf's safety and protection if they attack Energeia. Of course, she had no intentions to do that.

- The Elf Elders provided specific instructions to Kukuru to attack Energeia. She was suspicious about the sudden instruction, but the elders stated that the attacks from Bagus were more and more frequent since Energeia’ s. Erumin then reported that Energeia flew to where the Divine's Beast (Quetzalcoatl) shrine location is, which the Elves found to be a threat. (Mission 2-2)

- The Elves were fighting a losing battle. In order to purge Energeia out of the forest once and for all, the elders suggested using their trump card: By waking up the sleeping Quetzalcoatl. However, in order to wake him up, it requires a sacrifice. The sacrifice is going to be Erumin as he contains the proper blood. Kukuru curses herself being weak. Due to these events, she stated she was going to speak to the elders to delay the sacrifice ceremony to buy time in hope to defeat Theo once and for all. (Mission 2-3)

- In Mission 2-3, Kukuru and Lulu are unrelated. They were simply going to the same place at different times. Lulu just happened to be further ahead.

- Lulu and Lala were at the most bottom part of the shrine, where the crystal contains. Lulu easily defeats Lala, touched the crystal and was able to obtain セレスタイト. This has caused the Quetzalcoatl to wake up and is furious. Kukuru completely lost her will to fight because she thought her brother was sacrificed. 

- Theo and team escaped and saw Erumin being tied up on top of a tree. They saved him. (Option to fight against Quetzalcoatl)

- Lala reported to Theo that there is another faction that can use Ether Technology and has far more advanced capabilities than her. Their purposes are the same as Theo: To obtain (星霊石) セレスタイト, a power source of living body energy concealed only in divine beast. 

- The next セレスタイト appears to be in the highlands right above the forest. Quetzalcoatl was rumored to be also heading there because the person who has his (星霊石) セレスタイト is also heading there (Lulu).

- セレスタイト = Crystals that contain God like Power: [url][/url]

- Kukuru and Erumin's reason for joining Theo is because they need to find out what happened to Quetzalcoatl as well as who was the mastermind for the attacks against their homeland.

Chapter 3Edit

- Theo broke the barrier with the help of Lucrezia's advice though he was suspicious as to how she was able to get this information. (Mission 3-1)

- This city is political as Tomoe is powerless without the Nobles of the city.

- Initial letters were exchanged, and a meeting place was set. However, ninjas were there waiting, which was organized by the nobles in the court. The ninjas were put to sleep by Tomoe. Since there was a possibility of more assassinations, Theo built in an auto defense mechanism so Energeia can take appropriate actions. Negotiations failed because of this. (Mission 3-2)

- Shigure and Tomoe attacked Energeia, but were losing the battle. They retreated, but only Tomoe did it successfully as Shigure played the decoy role. Theo ended up capturing Shigure.

- Back at the Shrine where Tomoe resides, Lulu introduced herself as one of the people from Deerhelm who fought against Energeia. Tomoe doesn't believe that. However, Lulu provides Tomoe a sorcery stone such that she can use to fight against Energeia. Tomoe still finds Lulu suspicious, but since the nobles insisted, she reluctantly agrees to side with Lulu. 

- Since Lulu sided with Tomoe, by watching the battle carefully, it was easy for her send her beasts as a distraction to invade Energeia while finding the location of the セレスタイト. (Mission 3-3)

- Belios (Mask Man) successfully infiltrates Energeia, and he meets a fatigue Maria and Titi. Maria killed Belios, and was certain that he was dead. However, he miraculously recovered as it appears he took no damage. He used the stone's wave motion to summon the divine beast (Quetzalcoatl) and it attacks at the Shrine.

- Apparently, the nobles already planned to sell their land to the Empire. Essentially, they sold themselves out and they were trying to get brownie points by destroying Energeia. 

- セレスタイト was retrieved by Lala and Kukuru. It was given to Theo, who then was given to Tomoe, so she can turn into a Divine Beast (Tamano) to fight Quetzalcoatl. Tamano ended up victorious. Finally, the セレスタイト was returned to Theo.

- Next is to continue to obtain the other セレスタイト as the powers were necessary to fight against the Empire.

- There was no reason for Tomoe and Shigure to go back as the Nobles were completely sided with the Empire.

- Ash, watching the situation carefully, mobilized her troops to attack the weakened Energeia.

Chapter 4 (Beginning)Edit

- (Mission starts right away) Ash and Miria were fighting and was interrupted by Esuteria through the use of telepathy. Miria confirmed the answers she wanted. She told Esuteria that she will never go back to the Empire again, even when repeatedly being asked to.

Chapter 4 (Pirate Chapter)Edit

- Energeia was attacked by beasts. Mary, the leader of the Pirates came to the rescue. She brought up that the divine beast Cetus imposes the trial for those who try to go there and obtain the treasure. Theo believed the セレスタイト was one of the treasures.

- A few days later, Theo headed for the destination to obtain the treasure. Mary and the pirates were there waiting, and took advantage of this as it will be much easier for them to obtain the treasure with the help of Energeia. So they attacked Energeia (Mission 4-1)

- Mary/Ann's battles against Energeia were interrupted by the beasts, and everyone escapes. However, Lucrezia tells Mary and Ann to follow her. Once Theo retreated back to Energeia, he suspected Lucrezia because of the way she addressed Ann, and how she provided the pirates the information as to when they were heading out for the treasure because the timing cannot be a coincidence.

- Lucrezia, Mary, and Ann were war orphans and childhood friends. Mary was chosen to be the maiden of Cetus. Because of this, Mary and Cetus are considered close companions.

- When the three united, Ann brought up the idea of siding with the Empire to gain freedom for the sea. Mary did not like the idea as she does not trust the Empire. Tension started, and eventually, Ann ran away.

- Lulu arrived with the beasts and attacked Theo and co (Mission 4-2). Belios attacked Ann, at a different location. He successfully killed Ann and moved on to find the treasure. Mary and Lucrezia found Ann and they exchanged their last words. Mary expressed that the セレスタイト cannot be given to anyone because Cetus needed this power to keep the sea peaceful.

- Mary and Lucrezia succeeded in obtaining the treasure before Theo and crew get there (Mission 4-3).  Battle started, but was interrupted by Lala stating the sea was scattered with deadly poison. This was Belio's doing.

- Cetus created a big whirl of the water where the poison was, sucked all the poison, and then was raging due to pain. Prior to this, Cetus whispered to Mary that her last and final trial was to defeat me (Cetus). Mary requested Theo to help her defeat Cetus. (Fight against Cetus)

- After Cetus' defeat, Theo asked Mary to join him, along with getting the セレスタイト (One of the two treasures) to defeat the Empire. She first refused, but she thought about the recent events and her present and past companions, she decided to join.

Chapter 5 (Undead Chapter)Edit

- When Theo arrived, it was explained that Belios arrived before, but was unsuccessful in finding the セレスタイト, and eventually retreated.

- The wolf race that resided here, worshipped the divine beast Belzebuth. The leader of this race is Orute. They were fully convinced the Moon was deprived due to the Alhazred family (Kyarumira). 

- Kyarumira believed that no negotiations are required and a swift attack is the best way to handle intruders (Theo) (Mission 5-1).

- Battle between Kyarumira and Theo started, with Kyarumira leading the battle significantly and was fighting alone. Eventually the two vampires left with just a scratch and Vanilla did not participate in the battle while Theo’s team suffered good damage. So they slowly watched them leave. Shortly after, Lane reported the wolves arrived into the labyrinth. 

- Orute came to speak to Theo for negotiations. They exchanged stories with Theo explaining the reason as to why they arrived and Orute explained the current civil war. Tamano confirmed what Orute said was true. Theo decided to set an alliance with Orute as there were many advantages to his goals. However, there is one condition: He must abandon all Ether techniques. Since this is no easy task as the city relied heavily on Ether technology, he asked Orute if he can speak to Belzebuth directly. The conversation was suddenly interrupted by Kyarumira. Apparently, she wanted to invite everyone for dinner. Since Theo was not fully certain on his decision and did not see any hostility from Kyarumira, he decided to attend and see if a peace treaty can be made. Orute was also invited, but she refused and wanted to kill Kyarumira on the spot. Theo interrupted as he does not allow violence in his city. Orute told Theo their alliance negotiations were over. 

- During the dinner, Kyarumira stated their first battle was due to trespassing of the border. Theo accepted that reason.

- Kyarumira explained the reasoning of the ongoing war against the divine beast. 300 years ago or 7 generations into the family, daytime and night time existed. Of course, people were weak to light, so they lived in the underground tunnels. The underground tunnels were eventually polluted. Belzebuth tried to provide a medicine to address, but she was already mad during that time.  So the medicine provided strong energies temporarily, but the side effect was turning the being into a mindless zombie. With so many people being sacrificed, the Aruhazred family declared war against Belzebuth. They eventually were able to corner her, but she fled to the depths of the 'Valley of the Dead' where there is a strong barrier, so the perfect seal could not happen. (She is probably extremely weakened and will take a long time to recover due to the seal, but for some reason, they say it is her revival when she’s never really dead). In order to address the sunlight issue, the 'Dark Night of the Book' technique was used. However, there was a miscalculation. This effect blocks not only the sunlight, but the light of the moon as well. This technique cannot be reverted. Due to this incident, two factions were created: Those that detested the family for creating eternal darkness, and ones who do not. Theo, after hearing the story, sided with Kyarumira.

- Theo has found no solutions to break the barrier at the Valley of the Dead when he stood at the barrier line. Then Orute attacked Theo as she explained Belzebuth will return the moon back for them. (Mission 5-2)

- When Theo defeated Orute, Belzebuth finally arrived and casts a black fog that turned people to zombies/undead. Energeia barely managed to escape and was unable to get close for an attack due to the fog. 

- Strategies were discussed and Kyarumira will use her secret art to weaken Belzebuth. She brought up the item that can break the fog. This item was devised by the 10th generation of her family. 

- Vanilla's past and two forms of her body were also explained (It is unclear to me). She and her family were killed by Orute / she and Orute were one entity that belonged to the same family. Her soul was summoned by Kyarumira to another body (Not an easy thing to do). This is why Vanilla has a huge grudge, hatred for Orute, and huge regret for the family.

- Orute was significantly weakened after her defeat against Energeia. She pleaded Belzebuth in her mind for additional power. Belzebuth heard this, spoke to her in her mind, and warned her that she might not see the moon again. Orute didn't care; she just wanted power. She was finally able to go back into her true form (Wolf form) once she received the undead fog blessing from Belzebuth.

- Theo breaks the fog and attacks (Mission 5-3). He also obtained セレスタイト 

- Vanilla was finally able to meet the weakened Orute. She was about to finish her off, but after thinking slowly about the kindness she received from Kyarumira, she was unable to kill Orute.

- Scene changes with Kyarumira fighting against Belzebuth. Kyarumira used her powers from the past 12 generations (Hence 12 red beams). Although she failed to kill Belzebuth, she was able weaken her significantly. Theo arrives. (Battle against Belzebuth)

- When Belzebuth was defeated, Theo asked her why Ether is denied in this world. She just laughed and mentioned they will not be able to escape from the fate of ruin as long as ether continues to be used.

- Orute, on her dying moments, still tried to kill Kyarumira. Orute was told to look up at the sky. The black clouds disappeared and she was finally able to see the moon. All of them finally understood the cause of the eternal darkness. It was a tool used by Belzebuth to make people to become enemies of the Aruhazred family. Orute then dies.

- Kyarumira joined the party because she wanted to understand the last remaining words from Belzebuth as to why Ether should not be used.

Chapter 6Edit

- Different casts were assigned to different duties for the Empire evasion.

- Miria and Kukuru sneaked into the Empire. Miria found out the city’s citizens were never the same as before. The weak were imprisoned. The strong were required to fight amongst each other to determine who is qualified to serve the Empress. Indirectly, people were brainwashed by the Empress to follow her ideals.

- Theo performed a surprise attack to the Empire. Meanwhile, Belios is moving (Mission 6-1),

- Attacks started back and forth, and Empire was using a weapon called the Colossal Dragon. Multiple attacks were sent by Mary/Vanilla/Kyarumira/Miria, and Theo managed to destroy it by using the weapon from Energeia and with the power from the crystals (セレスタイト). This attack alone destroyed 30% of the Empire's forces. However, this was a one-time use as replenishment was needed. 

- Ash swore she will defeat Energeia. She attacked the next day (Mission 6-2).

- After the battle is won, Ash fought with Miria again and used her trump card: Miria's parents. The parents were not brainwashed, nor they were illusions and were legitimate. They told Miria they could not believe what she is doing right now and told her to go back to the Empire so they can be together again. Miria was confused and didn’t know what to do or how to respond to her parent’s questions. Ash, with her cunning smile, laughed, killed Maria’s parents in front of her eyes. Their dying word to Miria was to be herself.

- Ash was able to land a hit against Miria with her halberd since Miria was caught off-guard after the incident. Shortly, Ash realized true terror. Instead of lowering Miria’s morale, it backfired and made Miria more furious than ever. She easily dispatched Ash with little trouble using her dragon powers. Ash is currently unconscious and not dead.

- Moments later, Theo recovered Ash’s body, believing she is a good candidate for the Grow Egg theory. He purposely kept it a secret from Miria.

- With Ash out of the picture, the Empire army was confused and forced to retreat. Through the second use of the セレスタイト (Theo has 3: High Lands, Sea, Undead), Energeia was able to create a strong barrier to deflect all types of attacks. However, Esuteria’s direct attack was able to damage the barrier. Theo activated the 3rd セレスタイト to attack the heart of the city directly with a pillar that supressed the Empress’ power. This forced her to retreat underground. He used this opportunity to attack (Mission 6-3).

- At this time, Belios and Lulu sneaked into Energeia. Their objective was to capture Titi. Belios did not seem to be interested in Energeia's セレスタイト (Most likely a lot of the energy was depleted).

- Two teams were attacking: Theo's team was to capture セレスタイト; Miria's team was fighting a losing battle against Esuteria. Theo was able to find セレスタイト. There was an old passage that led to an unusual room that contained a mysterious ether machine. They begin to examine the device. Shortly, his team met up with Miria. Esuteria stated that the outcome of the battle remains unchanged if セレスタイト was taken out.

- Theo explained the machine he examined was an ancient arithmetic unit that contained the truth of this world that also had its history recorded inside; its ether civilization and how it invented the divine beasts. Esuteria lost her calm and composure and begin to attack seriously. Tamano purposely kept this a secret as she wanted people to find out the truth themselves. Theo loaded the powerセレスタイト into his hand and this granted everyone power that exceeds their limits (Battle against Esuteria).

- After Esuteria's defeat, her body was restrained by Vanilla/Kyarumira. Theo asked Esuteria why she denies Ether Technology usage. She refused to answer, so Theo decided to massage her breast since it is extremely humiliating for a human to perform such an act against a God, especially for one that despised humans. 

- Esuteria explained it was a genius that created them. Theo asked for a further explanation, and she stood up, easily removing the restrains from Vanilla/Kyarumira and stated that they lead the world to the correct future and transformed into Bahamut. 

- Lulu and Belios were inside attacking Energeia and they accidentally found Ash. Belios arrived to the command center room, received all types of attacks and recovered as if it was nothing. He stated he inherited the characteristics of the phoenix and does not have any blind spots. Nothing can kill him. He also mentioned the 6th セレスタイト and the divine beast. Once he got Titi, he deactivated the pillar that was used against the Empress. Bahamut, now with her original power, attacked Energeia's barrier with her blast. Another blast broke the barrier.

- Under the orders of Lane, they shot the same beam that eliminated 30% of the Empire's force against Bahamut but it had no effect. 

- Scene turns back to Theo. They decided to look at the device in the old room again to see what they can do to win the battle. He asked Tamano to buy them time. During the examination of the device, Theo ran into some trouble due to security reasons.

- Belios/Lulu arrived to the Empire's tower in order to obtain セレスタイト that Theo used to supress the Empire's force (Now has been deactivated). They were interrupted by Esuteria’s presence. Belios was shocked as there is no way she can be in both places at the same time, but she stated she has the capability to do this as Tamano had already passed the peak of her power a long time ago. She took a glance at Belios and Titi's and was able to identify their hidden powers on the spot. Belios stated to let him pass as they are considered families since he is part of the Phoenix family, but Esuteria doesn't buy that and believed Belios was more dangerous than Theo. She attacked, but was interrupted by the huge source of black Ether energy, so she vanished. This allowed Belios to capture セレスタイト. The black Ether energy landed a direct hit against Bahamut (This blast also acts as a rope to restrain Bahamut). She falls to the exact location where Belios/Lulu/Titi is, so they were forced to retreat.

- Theo explained the device required a person with the Dragon blood as the activation code. Miria was the perfect candidate for it. There were cameras in this room, and it showed the surface where Belios was holding Titi. So Theo quickly rushed back to the top. Lala arrived at the scene and was able to land a direct hit against Belios and rescued Titi. Bahamut, still significantly damaged at the time was getting ready to perform a huge blast on everyone at the scene. Belios made his escape, and Theo arrived to the surface.  Titi used her powers to save everyone from the blast and fell unconscious. Theo determined to defeat Bahamut in order to protect the city and Titi. (Battle against Bahamut)

- After Bahamut was defeated, they see a little girl lying there unconsciously. This is the mysterious girl.

Chapter 7Edit

- After the fall of the Empire, Theo now focused his concerns on Belios and Titi. Empire currently is in heavy chaos without its leader.

- The mysterious girl (Teria) is a former shell of the Empress that lost most of her memories and original power. Apparently, like Titi, she also bears the philosopher's stone. Divine Beasts were created with the Philosopher's stone acting as the nucleus.

- Teria and Titi first met. Teria explained that Titi's lifespan is approximately another one and a half years due to excessive usage of her power. Titi did not deny this. 

- Theo asked Teria for a method way to save Titi. She explained that the divine beast with an identical philosopher's stone as it has an immortal characteristic can do it. So the 6th divine beast was discussed. Even Tamano had no knowledge of such existence. More discussions took place and the conclusion was that: 1) This beast must be underneath the Earth, 2) The secret lab locations must be connected to the location of the beast. (So the location has to be on the south where the setting first started.)

- Energeia shortly encountered a large scale of different type of beasts (Mission 7-1).

- After, there was an earthquake and the earth cracks with magma spouting from the underground. Scene switched to Belios, stating it was the final stage of the 'Teurugia' plan. Apparently, Belios is sucking out the energy of the Philosopher stone from the Phoenix. His ultimate goal is to create a bunch of mutation beast that will stand on top of the living world.

- Three robots were introduced (They are all sisters). They are Belios newest creations and all three consider Lulu as a failure and a defective product. 

- Energeia arrived at the area, performed an attack using their laser gun, but it had no effect against the beasts. This caused them to rage and attack (Mission 7-2). The sisters were leading the attack.

- The three sisters failed their attack and planned their escape. Each of them contained a sorcery stone.

- Teria brought up the past where an entity called Deimirugia (ディミルギア) attacked this Island during the ancient times. He is an artificial god that was made from techniques during the highest peak of the Ether civilization. It killed 90% of the living population. The world was on the verge of ruin due to that disaster. So the person created the Divine Beast was to prevent the same situation from happening. The Phoenix was an exception (Not sure why), so the memory was purposely erased for the Divine Beast to not know/remember who it is.

- Theo arrived at the enemy base using the ultimate barrier for shielding, but there was a surprise waiting for them. All the divine beasts that were defeated were revived, but not at their full power (3 as Theo has 2 with them). These divine beasts also appeared to be mindless and completely manipulated. Right before the team was deployed, Titi asked Miria if she could come along. Miria first hesitated, but agreed at the end.

- Theo and company arrived at the entrance of the enemy base. On the other scene, it showed that Lulu was preparing for the battle and Ash sided with her, but brainwashed (Mission 7-3).

- Attack started and different characters were assigned to different duties. All Divine Beast were beaten. Here is where the Chao/Law selection is done when Theo gives Titi the sorcery stone.

- Lulu and Ash attacked. Miria was confused as to how Ash was here. Theo bombed it by saying when she disappeared, she must have been part of Belios' collection. Miria was angry. Battle separated into Lulu + Ash vs., Lala + Teria, Shigure, Tomoe while Theo, Lance, Titi and Miria reached to the final depths of the base where Belios is.

- Belios showed them the source of his immortal power: The ghost bird assimilated into the wall. Theo wondered in his mind how he was able to accept such powers in the beginning. 

- When Belios was about to attack. Theo told Miria to be the decoy, Lane to watch Titi while he will try to figure out method to nullify Belios' immortality. Before any of this could happen, Belios took out ディミルギア. This is the same one that Theo used when he supressed the Empress' power. This is a type of gravity attack that supressed everyone’s movements except Belios. Miria was about to temporarily nullifying this suppression by turning into her Dragon form, but was easily knocked out by Belios, which caused her to go unconscious.

- Belios now turned to Theo and continued to speak to him. He brought up the Elixir theory: The possibility of the elixir existence as high ranking energy that contains Ether. Theo was unable produce any good results with this theory. 

- As Belios was picking up Titi, Theo mentioned the Destruction God's name: Deimirugia. Belios got extremely offended and demanded Theo to find out how he heard about it. Theo explained it will take at least 100 years to figure out the Elixir theory even when Belios was considered to be a great genius. He predicted that Deimirugia was the one pulling the strings, as he (Yes it’s a he) is alive, and gave Belios power to challenge the big five divine beasts. Judging by Belios' actions, Theo hit the jackpot. He kept going and finally found out what the Teurugia plan is. The reason Belios wanted Titi is to reincarnate the divine beast Phoenix. This is why Belios cannot damage Titi and has to treat her courteously. It also makes sense as he addresses Titi the Goddess. 

- Theo was really smart too. He pulled up an act trying to kill Titi as he knew Belios will have to defend her. Lane first bought Theo’s story, but as soon as Theo's eyes glanced at her, she played along with it fully understanding the situation. 

- Scene changed with Teria fighting against Ash. During this fight, Ash regained her consciousness when she was struck by Teria's Thunder blast. She was fully convinced that Teria is Empress Esuteria. Teria regained her memories as well as Ash was one of the two candidates to whom she gave blood to.

- Scene changed. Belios is beating up Theo physically and demanded him to teach the release method for Titi. Theo kept provoking him by calling him a dog (Because he is pretty much Deimirugia's dog). He kept asking questions about Deimirugia and why Belios is following him. As Belios is about to kill Theo, Teria arrived to save him. Since Belios was unwilling to answer Theo's questions, Teria answered them.

- Teria stated that it is a curse that Deimirugia left behind. She warned Belios that if he attacks her, Titi might be in danger as Ash was a perfect candidate to do the job. Belios is unable to do anything at this point. She then cured Theo and moves forward with the explanation of the curse. 

- The curse is spread across all living beings across world, eventually leading to its destruction. She continued on and explained the creation of the Divine beasts were to oppose Deimirugia. Before he stopped functioning, it spread a spell called the generation limit 'program' and spread it across to all living beings. As the term indicates, it will be a point where reproduction does not take place anymore. This is what Teria meant by the World of destruction. This was first noticed around 50 years ago and the curse was already established.

- Theo asked for solutions. Teria responded another new life can be created to prevent the generation limit, which she called it an infinite reincarnation. This requires the Phoenix’s powers. 

- Teria selfishly said that she was not able to reincarnate all living beings, so she had to select specific ones. Belios' yelled this is why the brainwashing was given to the weak. This also explains why the Empress was acting like this from the beginning chapters. 

- Theo then questions Teria about her reason for destroying Ether Technology civilization. She responded with two reasons:  First, it might become a great obstacle (Grow Egg theory) for her plan. Second, she stated Belios can answer this as he already knows. Belios explained that he should have died a long time ago, but was given power by Deimirugia. Since he did not have a body, Belios gained the power and took on his will. Deimirugia's hatred along with Belio's huge vengeance was easily able to form a new contract together to form the world's next biggest disaster. The secret labs being created were indirectly waking the will of Deimirugia but it was already too late, as Belios became the perfect candidate. Theo remembered what Belzebuth said before she died: As long as there is ether, the awaking of Deimirugia cannot be avoided.

- Belios goes on that he was taught of the Phoenix's location due to awakening of Deimirugia

- Teria's miscalculations: Belios and the Phoenix's accident as she focused too much attention on Theo.

- Teria finally asked Theo to choose as the generation limit will come soon: 

1) Aim for the achievement of an infinite reincarnation with Teria.

2) Revival of Deimirugia by continuing to use Ether.

This is the time that everyone arrived after their battles against the other Divine Beasts. Theo provides his answer: 3rd option...but before he answered, he used an ability called セレスタイト canceller. This neutralized the gravity suppression. He had already been thinking countermeasures since he first obtained his セレスタイト. Theo told Teria he will provide her the answer once they defeat Belios and rescue Titi. He advised her that the answer he is going to provide may not be the one she likes. Once the battle is over, the route diverges (Battle against Belios).

Heading to Law Route

- After the team defeated Belios, Theo provided Teria his answer: Defeat Deimirugia and explained that everyone will survive and he will find a way to remove this curse as it is too early to give up. She accepted this answer.

- He walked over to Belios, removed the セレスタイト off his eye. 

- Another earthquake happened and Belios stood up. He warned everyone that Deimirugia is well alive and is on his way. Lulu arrived to the scene and Belios gave her one last order before he crumbled: Self Will. Ironically, he gave her the sorcery stone. This stone acts as a countermeasure to stop the influence of Deimirugia. The reason it is ironic is because he treated her very coldly in the past two chapters and she always wondered if her master liked her or not. This is proof that he valued her the most. Belios finally dies (Don’t think he’s dead yet), and his body was taken over by Deimirugia.

- Deimirugia talks like a robot and started his plan to annihilate the world immediately. Lulu was furious and attacked, but he knocked off her with ease. He revived all of Belios' past subordinates in a matter of 10 seconds. The revived sisters were all mindless puppets and only listen to him. Lulu now realized the situation and understood Belios final words.

- Deimirugia told Theo to surrender, but Theo made a speech saying we are going to defeat you and remove the curse, but for now...we are escaping. It was no easy task, and it cost Ash's life. Lulu guided Theo to the escape route, as her final task was to destroy Deimirugia.

- As the team escaped, the sorcery fortress of Deimirugia was shown.

Heading to Chaos Route

- Belios was defeated, and suffered great damage, but he was acting abnormally and falls. Suddenly, a red elixir type of energy surrounded Theo, and he shortly realized he was going to meet Deimirugia. Theo then disappeared.

- Deimirugia introduced himself. The reason he called Theo was that Belios was about to die and his victorious battle. He saw greater potential in him than Belios. The condition is simple: Exterminate all races that currently live on this Island. He wanted cooperation with Theo in exchange for power and elixir theories. Before Theo could answer, Teria arrives.

- Deimirugia added that he chose Theo is not only he is a master at Ether technology, but also contains the similar mental wavelength his creator. So he suggested Theo to making an agreement him. Deep in Theo`s mind, he wanted power. Teria warned Theo that he will be betraying everyone by siding with Deimirugia and everyone is going to die due to the generation limit program. When she noticed that there was a possibility that Theo might side with Deimirugia, she quickly casted a teleportation spell on both of them so Theo was unable to answer to Deimirugia`s agreement.  Although he didn't answer, he clearly heard the strong voices of Deimirugia.

- Theo arrived back to the original scene, but Belios were nowhere to be found. Others stated Lulu rescued him and they faulted themselves for allowing him to escape. 

- Teria then informs everyone about Theo's contact with Deimirugia. She explained that Deimirugia wanted Theo to take the place of Belios. Teria finally asked Theo for his answer, and tension started rising very quickly between the two. All the other main cast were asking Theo for his answer as well. Instead of providing his answer, he asked everyone what they thought about the current world. He mentioned the world is currently suffering many problems: 1) Closing themselves out (Elves), 2) Corruption within the court from the High Heaven Field (Tomoe/Shigure), 3) The sea (Mary) is in a poor state and a risk of division. With pirates protect the sea is a poor example and can they really protect the sea (I really don’t know what this means), 4) Tribal conflicts with each other in the Aruhazred family, 5) Grand Raid lost its master who has been worshipped which caused an uproar of confusion. Theo's finally answered: He agrees with the generation limit program thinking it is a good opportunity for him. He goes on by saying he can use the Ether Life Adjustment to counteract the generation limit program and the one who can fulfil this is him. Theo laughed and said old ones are going to be weeded out, and the strong beautiful ones make the world reborn. 

- Miria, Kukuru, Mary, Tomoe, Kyarumira all disagreed with Theo's ideals. Of course, those associated with them followed suit. Theo broke down the negotiations and the alliance ended. Theo attacked (Theo, Lane, and Lala vs., everyone).

- Theo showed everyone his new powers. He casted a very strong barrier on himself, and was about to knock Miria with little trouble. Teria came to the rescue. She demanded Ashe to become one with her and was able to return back to her original self (Ash is disappeared). She casted her lightning and was able to break Theo's barrier, but he suffered no damage at all. This was due to Titi`s protection.

- Theo explained that the stone he handed over to her earlier was a last resort measure so he could remotely control the power of the philosopher's stone (Option before choosing Law or Chaos Route.). Titi indirectly became a doll and has no emotions anymore. The other female cast was extremely furious by this.

- Theo gathered up his red color elixir energy and shot it directly against Esuteria. Titi was able to temporarily gain conscious and asked everyone to stop fighting. She was able to change the course of the beam. The place disrupted unstably and she fell to deeper into the depths.

- Theo was unable to save Titi. He also realized that Deimirugia was sleeping right underneath them, and was waiting for his power to return. Scene changed to Esuteria, and she mentioned to the others it is a matter of time before Deimirugia awakens. She used her powers to teleport the rest of the crew back to the surface (Not Theo and crew), asked them to unite with each other and form up a counter-plan of the generation limit program as she will land the final blow against Deimirugia. She also stated that her plan will not work anymore due to the incidents that occurred. 

- Everyone is at the top of the surface, Theo and his crew along with Esuteria was still stuck inside at the deepest levels. It is rumored that that Energeia and Theo were swallowed by the lava.

Chapter 8 (Law)Edit

- The セレスタイト that was taken out from Belios was transplanted into Titi. Since this crystal contains the characteristics of the Phoenix, her lost vitality can be recovered. Titi was being nursed by Lala.

- Discussions took place, but the team had no idea how to initiate an attack against Deimirugia.

- Reports (Kukuru and Erumin) indicated that on the east side of the main Island within the mountainous region, there was a base that appeared and it looked like the base was created through Ether Technology. 

- Theo believed by attacking this base (They call it the Deimirugia front base), they might be able to obtain additional data about Deimirugia and possibly other Ether techniques. 

- There were more discussions about the Elixir theory and how Theo needed to accomplish it. 

- They were able to infiltrate the base. By examining the base briefly, it is very unlikely any type of life form could possibly live here. They began their attack (Mission 8-1).

- Theo advanced deep into the base and managed to destroy the three sisters. After, he began his analysis of the data.

- Scene changed to Titi, who woke up, finding that nobody was around, and began to glow due to the two sources of power: 1) Sorcery stone provided by Theo and 2) セレスタイト that was inserted into her. 

- (This is confusing to me here) Theo found a huge discovery: A composition method of elixirs. He went on stating higher energy that simulates original energy through Magna. (I assume this is the Magna theory). He also explained the elixir of Deimirugia was created with some sort of art type that operated the soul and is directly influenced from actions through the use of energy (I assume this means this is how he was able to control things). Theo concluded this data was useful to improve the development of Energeia. Moreover, he was able to devise some sort of rocket booster (Enemy base is high up in the air, and Energeia cannot get up there at this time) that can help him invade the sorcery fortress of Deimirugia as neither of the two techniques has ever been put in practical use as of today for them (Elixir of Deimirugia does not count as one here). 

- Shortly, the self-destruct mechanism started. Theo was unable to stop this and claimed this was a booby-trap set by Deimirugia. He was frustrated as he was unable to finish his theories. It was also impossible for everyone to escape. Titi came to the rescue. She was able to use her powers again due to セレスタイト that was inserted into her. She became the new Phoenix Divine Beast, and explained that she used a barrier to counter the explosion to prevent it from happening.

- Titi can no longer go back to her original body, but she does not regret this as long as she can save everyone.

- The team began a real preparation to attack Deimirugia. Theo is tried to develop the Elixir Theory into practice with tons of experimenting. His main question now turned into how existing ether is sublimed into the elixir instead of using higher dimensional energy. First, it was necessary to insert a special art into it, but he does not know what it is. He created a converter of art type with セレスタイト's energy that was distributed to 5 people for 5 Nations (Remember there are 5 セレスタイト: 1) High Lands, 2) Undead City, 3) Pirate City, 4) Empire, 5) From Belios eye). He required aid from everyone (He means other people, not his comrades as large amounts were necessary. From the official page, there are 3 main types of energy (God, Magic, Ether). Theo concluded that if he can find out the right combination of this elixir theory, they can win against Deimirugia.

- Long story short, everyone was able to get the energy back to their respective homeland. Miria had the most trouble as she was considered a traitor. Teria came and assisted Miria as she was able to transform into Esuteria for a short period of time.  

- After collecting large amounts of energy, Energeia was able to fly extremely high up in the air to reach the sorcery fortress of Deimirugia. But before they were able to get there, Deimirugia attacked with his armaments from his fortress through the use of the Elixir of destruction. Theo hesitated to continue to reach the fortress, but with Titi's help, he was able to reach near the fortress. Eventually, Titi was at her limit. As she was falling, she was saved by Tamano. Theo eventually arrived close by.

- Within the depths of the fortress, Deimirugia and his troops began their attack as he detected Energeia close by. He contained various races that were mixed and remodeled that were specialized in fighting. Races include Demon, Human and Elves (Mission 8-2).

- Theo attacked Deimirugia and managed to destroy him to a point where he cannot function anymore. However, Belios stood up again. Theo believed it is not possible as he longer the characteristics of the Phoenix (Crystal was taken out). Lulu attacked Deimirugia, but Belios stated it was him and not Deimirugia. Apparently, Deimirugia abandoned Belios’ body. Belios approached Theo and told him he is going to die soon as he was at a point that was beyond recoverable. He also stated Theo has no chance in winning against Deimirugia and eventually sends an emergency alert for reinforcements and self-destructs. 

- Belios is officially dead. Lulu moved to Theo and gave him the sorcery stone that Belios possessed as instructed. This stone is called the Universe Sorcery stone. It was a parting gift from Belios to Theo. 

- Theo and team are heading towards Deimirugia's main body (Mission 8-3)

- After the battle, Deimirugia finally showed himself with another body. It is a mechanical dragon type body. The first thing he did was to knock out Titi. She fell unconscious.

- Theo used the sorcery stone from Belios and this power enhanced the team's fighting capabilities greatly. They started their attack (Final Battle).

- Theo stated this body was Deimirugia’s last resort and he was defeated by the Elixir of this era. However, the curse of the generation limit was still alive.

- Theo connected to Deimirugia’s body to the machine’s terminal to attempt to retrieve all the data relating to the generation limit program. He began his analysis of the data.

- When the party asked Theo if a vaccine can be made, Theo said it was possible but not within this lifetime. The reason to this was adjustments were made in generation limit program to each race as time passed, so a common specific cure for all races cannot be made. So all living beings will be destroyed by the time a vaccine was available.

- Deimirugia fortress was going to explode soon, but Theo was not able to obtain 100% of the data. Theo cursed himself at this time. Titi woke up, spoke to them and advised them to escape and not worry. 

- Scene changed to the command center room. Theo asked Titi for a solution to solve the curse of the generation limit. Titi agreed with Theo’s theories that it will take too long, but there was another method. With her using all her remaining power from the sorcery stone and セレスタイト, she can save everyone. With her sacrifice and combining with the sun, a blessing of life through light was given to everyone and saved them from the curse. Even the vampires felt comfortable with this light.

- Everyone parted their ways after. (You get to choose your desired ending now. Titi's Ending is called Rebel of destiny and it makes sense.)

Chapter 8 (Chaos)Edit

- Scene changed with Theo waking up at the Ether Core. He was revived by his scientists. His body was remodeled. He was told that the Grow Egg production lines were enhanced. Lane was alive, and Lala’s body was in the process of being restored. Half a year has passed. 

- Theo stated that Deimirugia no longer exists, but Energetia and Deimirugia crashed against each other. So  Deimirugia 's ether was being sucked out. This is how the city survived.

- The restoration of Energeia was completed and it will soon resurface to the surface again. 

- Esuteria, was captured since the incident as she was completely exhausted after fighting Deimirugia. She was tortured repeatedly. Later in the scene, she addressed Theo as her master as her mind was probably broken due to the tortures (Right before Mission 8-3).

- Others heard Energeia rose to the surface again. Miria was shocked, as she patched a huge searching group to find Theo and Esuteria, but had no success.  Energeia’s exact location was identified as it stopped moving.  The newly formed alliance started to plan their attack. 

- Under the command center in Energeia, the three sisters had their data rewrote, and they are Lala’s subordinates. (Mission 8-1)

- After the battle, all female Heroines were captured. Theo thought that he was a champion for a second, but he still realized Belios was still alive (He still possessed the セレスタイト with the Divine Phoenix’s characteristics attached to his eye). Theo has no idea what Belios have been up to. Lane reported different beasts appeared and there were a substantial number of them.

- Energeia moved south and attracted these beasts using its fragment of Ether energy. A closer look at the beast and one of them identified to looks unusual. This beast was formed by using a recycling body of the different divine beasts (Mission 8-2 with Lulu leading this attack).

- Theo and company dispatched all the beasts and cornered Lulu. He questioned her about this unique beast and how it was manufactured when support was lost Deimirugia. Lulu refused to provide any answers. She was then captured, tortured and eventually remodeled where her memory circuit was rewritten. However, there was a video left in her memory circuit that Belios placed intentionally.

- When this video was viewed, it showed Belios. He stated he doesn't care who was viewing this (Miria, Tomoe or if Theo survived, etc.). It was shown he was rather happy, which is unusual for him. First, he announced his own death is coming in third person. He had no regrets because he said he finally completed the Teurugia plan, and a new goddess of this world is going to be awake soon. A screen of the goddess was shown: It was Titi, but her appearance changed dramatically. 

- This video was watched by Theo many, many times. This is the truth of the Teurugia plan: Manufacturing new divine beasts that reigns under a queen (Titi). This will nullify the generation limit program as the evolutions of these beasts were fast and infinite. Belios addressed these beasts as Feitasu. (Fetus?) 

- Theo believed the Teurugia plan was prepared in the event that Deimirugia selected or moved to another host.

- Lane reported there was a huge movement from the beasts from the Southwest Island. Theo recalled there was nothing until several months ago. He wasted no time in heading there. 

- Upon reaching the island, the mountains, lakes and forests were not natural, but remodeled. Shortly, attacks from the ground were seen. Lala reported that the attackers appear to be beasts in living bodies that were able to use attacks as other races could. Theo named these beasts Gaiasu (GAIAS) (Mission 8-3).

- Theo and team infiltrated the enemy's final defense line. As Esuteria was about to cast her thunder, a black hole appeared out of nowhere and absorbed all of the thunder. The GAIAS approached Theo and warned them that they cannot advance to where the queen is. Theo and company were shocked to find out this GAIAS was able to speak in proper languages and their evolutionary rate is astonishing. The GAIAS then moved on by saying the queen's dream: Paradise where brothers can live peacefully in a clam world where nobody needs to fight each other. 

- Theo stated beasts cannot call for dreams. As he was about to shoot the GAIAS, he (This GAIAS is a male) was shocked the gun, its shooting position, and shape of the weapon were completely identical to what he was given. A female GAIAS arrived, called the name Theo (She is not calling for the real Theo, she is calling the GAIAS, who's also named Theo) and attacked the real Theo with techniques that Miria possessed. Theo was shocked and called out Miria. All these abilities were from sorcery stones. GAIAS Theo addressed the female GAIAS as Miria. She stated she was just testing the enemy's ability and should be fine. (Battle against GAIAS)

- After the battle is over, Theo went into the interior where the queen resides. She attacked immediately. (Final Battle. There is no dialogue as the physical essence is just Titi. The consciousness and everything is no longer there).

- When the final battle was completed, the scene changed to Titi's memory after she fell at the end of chapter 7. Titi's consciousness slowly faded away, thinking about Miria and Theo. Belios picked her up. Her next memory is when she woke up in her room with Miria watching her. Miria was filled with joy as Titi is awake and she informed. Everyone came in the room, cheered her up, and was smiling and laughing. Theo apologized to her on the incidents that happened at the end of Chapter 7 where they all came into an agreement. Her life changed slowly, but positively. One day, Titi asked Theo if she can become a candidate for breeding. Theo happily said yes. All of a sudden, she sees Theo shooting everyone, including the children. Everyone was dead. Titi was crying, thinking this is not Theo, but a Boogeyman.

- The scene switched back to the real world. All the previous shots that Titi heard and saw was Theo shooting the queen, her various parts, and her followers. Titi finally awakes, realizing the cruel reality. Titi asked where she was, where everyone was, and where were Theo and Miria. Theo answered; I killed your Theo and Miria (GAIAS).

- Theo told Titi that he wanted to create the world where she lived, but today, she became the trouble of the world and must be destroyed. Titi understood Theo’s words and was remembering her fond memories from the past. (Player chooses if you want to kill Titi).

Not Killing Titi

- The laser hits the other parts of the queen that separated Titi’s body. He quickly grabbed her body. She is unconscious. He stated this is a bet as there is a possibility that she will suffer more. He also had to cure her quick temporarily as she was technically detached from the beast’s body (Queen). 

- It will require a large amount of ether to circulate another new nucleus to take place of the philosopher's stone, or another container that moves her soul to. The challenge here is that the current technology was not possible.

- Theo promised that he will provide her with a strong body in the future and he will find a way to wake her up. However, once she wakes up, she will lose all her memories. 

Killing Titi

- Theo says good bye to Titi and vice-versa.

- Both Lane and Lala cried with the loss of Titi.


- All fighting stopped as it ended being a complete victory for Energeia.

- Energeia looked down at an endless struggle upon the world. Five countries were made to ruin.

- The new generation of ether kind called a large breeding age (Ether Life Adjustment) started. Theo became the new emperor of the world. Theo was able to accomplish this in a short 50 year period. (Some questions remain unanswered for me)