Game flowEdit

Each game turn represents 1 day, with timelimit of 30 game turns (1 month). Each turn is divided into 2 phases. There are 4 possible actions during each phase:

Rest (ends phase) - Lennard recovers Energy, the amount depends on how much Sutra you have

Event (ends phase) - can be used to interract with other characters and to progress further into the story

Use consumable (does not end phase) - can be used to use Consumables

Buy/Sell item (does not end phase) - can be used to buy or sell items.  Most items unlock scenes, some are consumable.  Consumables will return to the store after a few days.  All items are automatically sold at the end.

Character statsEdit

Lennard statsEdit

Sutra - spent to buy items and having it determines energy recovery.  Each ending has a sutra requirement. Sutra is gained during H-events.  Each event gives the energy cost times the percentage listed on the event.  Using Hell Elixir before an event doubles the amount of Sutra gained.  

Energy - is spent on H-scenes.  Resting recovers a sutra-dependent amount of energy.

Princess statsEdit

Corruption (堕落) - as this goes up, scenes unlock.  At the end of the game, if the heroine is brainwashed or subjugated, her corruption is added to your final score

Progress (進度) - as this goes up, scenes unlock.  Certain events will increase it and it can be directly increased by an item

State - shows the current state of the princess

State English Description
隷属 Submitted Corruption will be added to final score, increased corruption and sutra gains
洗脳 Brainwashed Corruption will be added to final score
快楽 Pleasure Increased corruption and sutra gains
普通 Normal
疲弊 Poor Decreased corruption and sutra gains
衰弱 Weakness Decreased corruption and sutra gains
瀕死 Neardeath Decreased corruption and sutra gains

Training the same heroine twice in a row will reduce her health by one step.  Health will recover on its own after several days.  Some training also negatively impacts health.  Once submitted/brainwashed, health doesn't matter any more.

Events There are three types of events:

Red - events that allow you to progress further in story or relationships. 

Yellow - training events, that are used first time. After use disappear and reappear in 3 days as Blue events.

Blue - training events that have been seen already, only one picture is displayed for a moment instead of full scene with all the text that was available first time. After use also disappear and reappear in 3 days.

Each training event has specified level, and lower level events will permanently disappear as high level events become available.

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